Artful Teasing - Fragrant Gifts

Artful Teasing is an artisanal creator of natural fragrances using pure essential oils. We believe in teasing our senses with beautiful products:

Smell - is the most evocative sense.  It can send us back to thoughts, emotions and recollections in an instant. We can be allured or repulsed, calmed or excited, transfixed or disgusted. The fragrance of tomato leaves and geraniums in a greenhouse, sherbert lemons, rockpools, flint, wood smoke in autumn, a perfect rose, coal tar soap - just go there. Essential oils impart a pure perfume unmatched by synthetic fragrance.

Touch - smooth the rough, calm stress, warm the heart. Perfectly formulated creams and lotions to sink effortlessly into your skin.  Silky smooth massage oils moisturise with combinations of essential oils that impart natural life enhancing fragrances.

Sight - colours that come from nature not chemistry.