Artful Teasing Hand Cream - Lavender and Rose Geranium January 16 2014


Artful Teasing's Hand Cream is formulated with natural plant derived oils including sweet almond oil, rosehip oil and olive oil.   These form a natural barrier that holds moisture  that would otherwise be lost in the skin.  It also protects the hands.  Shea butter is popular for its moisturising and soothing qualities and rosehip has long been know to be rich in vitamins.  

But on top of selecting the best and most effective ingredients Artful Teasing have also used their formulating skill to devise a cream that matches the way the skin works.  This makes it a surprising effective moisture even when used in small quantities, which is why people return to our shop time and again to buy it.

Scented with a blend of lavender and rose geranium and no synthetic fragrance at all it has a truly natural smell.  Everything you can smell came originally from a plant.