Durance Room Diffuser Rose January 14 2014

A cliché by any other name would smell as sweet they say, but there is no doubting the appeal of the smell of rose.  Some fragrances go in and out of fashion but rose is a favourite year in year out.  The rose oil industry started in the tenth century when the famous Persian philosopher, doctor and scientist Avicenna published his method of distilling rose petals.


Perfumers have been using rose ever since, and the use of rose has become a speciality of fragrance houses in Grasse in southern France like Durance.  So it was inevitable that they would include a rose in their range of room fragrances.  The smell is a particularly rich and sweet one which captures the full range of notes you would expect if you came across a rose bush in full bloom on a calm summer's evening.

It comes in a 100ml dispenser bottle with a set of absorbent rattan diffuser sticks that will continue releasing the scent into your room for weeks.  A 250ml refill is available for when it finally runs out.


Durance Room Fragrance Rose


Durance Fresh Mint Eau de Toilette for Men January 07 2014




Mint isn't an obvious base for a personal fragrance, not even for men. But there is more to the smell of mint than its common use in sweets and liqueurs. Nothing quite matches the piquancy of freshly picked mint. In fact there is only a hint of the mint in this well balanced blend. The mint is there all right but it just gives it a cleanness and freshness which is, well, clean and refreshing. The main body of the smell is green and herbaceous. It is distinct but not intrusive.  

The final result is down to earth and businesslike. Despite Durance's Mediterranean heritage, this is a fragrance that would be very at home a cosmopolitan place like Paris.On the skin you begin to get notes of suede and maybe a hint of leather coming through. It almost evokes the smell of the first drive in a new car.

The distinctive indented flask shape that Durance use for their L'Òme Eau de Toilette range is coloured subtle blue, avoiding the cliché of green for mint. It would not look out of place on any bathroom shelf or bedroom cabinet.