Durance Room Diffuser Rose January 14 2014

A cliché by any other name would smell as sweet they say, but there is no doubting the appeal of the smell of rose.  Some fragrances go in and out of fashion but rose is a favourite year in year out.  The rose oil industry started in the tenth century when the famous Persian philosopher, doctor and scientist Avicenna published his method of distilling rose petals.


Perfumers have been using rose ever since, and the use of rose has become a speciality of fragrance houses in Grasse in southern France like Durance.  So it was inevitable that they would include a rose in their range of room fragrances.  The smell is a particularly rich and sweet one which captures the full range of notes you would expect if you came across a rose bush in full bloom on a calm summer's evening.

It comes in a 100ml dispenser bottle with a set of absorbent rattan diffuser sticks that will continue releasing the scent into your room for weeks.  A 250ml refill is available for when it finally runs out.


Durance Room Fragrance Rose


Five Facts About Bergamot Oil January 11 2014

  • Bergamot can only be grown in very special low fertility soil and a mild climate.  It was first grown in the Calabria region of Italy which is where the best oil still comes from.
  • Bergamot gives Earl Grey tea its unique taste.  The leaves are flavoured with bergamot oil. This was originally frowned upon and at least one tea trader appeared in court for adding an artificial flavour to his tea.
  • Half of all fine fragrances for women contain bergamot oil.
  • In 2010 scientists reported that bergamot oil showed a similar ability to reduce anxiety to Diazapam.
  • The first fragrance that we know contained bergamot oil was Eau de Cologne, which has been in production since the early seventeenth century

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