Edwin Jagger Premium Shaving Cream Lime and Pomegranate January 10 2014


The first thing you notice about this product is the subtle citrusy smell.  Lime is not the most obvious of fragrances for a shaving cream but it works really well,  giving a warmth as well as a freshness.


The second thing you notice is the pearliness.  It shimmers.  It applies easily to the skin without any fuss.  Although it is described as a shaving cream, and it looks like a shaving cream, what it really is a particularly thick liquid soap.  And when I say soap, I mean soap as in the stuff you can make by boiling vegetable oil and caustic soda in an open kettle.  (The brightly coloured liquid soaps you see in supermarkets are made from synthetic detergents.)  This product is a potassium soap which makes it softer than tablet soap which is a sodium soap.  The consistency is achieved with beeswax.  There is some pomegranate seed extract as well  - this gives some healing antioxidant power.  So when they say it is 99.9% natural, they aren't joking.



So how was the shave?  Smooth in the extreme with no irritating after feel.   It was a good start to the day.